Our debut children’s music album, cheshmak!

Click here to purchase the CD and to listen to few preview songs of the album!


Yekibood Children offers an interactive, nurturing, and loving environment for bilingual and multilingual children and their families. We provide opportunities for children to experience and learn about language and culture through fun social, musical, and artistic activities! In doing so, we try to create a dynamic sociocultural environment for children to gain cross cultural understanding, and develop positive notions of their parental heritage within a warm growing family outside of their home. We hope that by opening a small door, more space for cross cultural conversation and understanding will be created.

Our educational philosophy concentrates strongly on learning through the arts! As such we provide learning experiences for children that concentrate on movement, music, stories, play, and tactile experiences, where learning occurs through playful and meaningful interactions among children and the teachers. Through our developmentally appropriate curriculum, we aim to foster and develop children’s language abilities by enhancing their listening skills, musical understanding, visual skills as well as provide opportunities for children’s self-expression and socialization.


Our program is strongly research based, inspired by the most successful pedagogical approaches and is very responsive and adaptive to children’s interests and level of knowledge. Classes are very much child centered, and we try our best to include children’s cultural background and interests in developing our living curriculum.

Yekibood is short for “Once Upon a Time” in the Persian language. Emphasizing the power of stories and storytelling in children’s learning, we hope that our classes continue just as a sweet memorable story for children ─ stories that will stay with them as they grow up, become part of who they are, and shape very important loving memories of their parental culture and language. With these wishes in our heart and plans in our hands, we begin the journey with you.

Yekibood, yekinabood!

Contact us: yekibood@yekibood.org